IPhone Care Tips

iphone care tips

This is the entire guide on the most effective iPhone maintenance tips to prolong its life. Similar to cars it is essential to perform regular maintenance that you must perform to save money and not necessarily but over the long run. Investing a bit of time and effort now can help you avoid expensive repairs and replacements later.

Instead of turning your phone into an invincible device, proper maintenance is all about sticking to your two-year contract and not being a slave to your phone. There is no doubt that you will want to upgrade at some point but it\’s an issue of when you\’ll upgrade on your own time and when the battery gets dying. It could be that you have to take out a new contract due to the fact that your phone is damaged and you don\’t need to spend money to repair it.

Following these easy iPhone maintenance tips allows you to have the flexibility to upgrade at the time that is best for you. If you decide to upgrade, you are able to trade in your old phone for the best price you can. This could result in huge savings over the long term. The better the quality of your phone, the greater money you\’ll earn when you decide to sell it. wise telecom gives the highest money on your used iPhone.

Tips to Care for Your iPhone

The Daily Tip for Charging
Make sure you charge your battery properly It\’s a great option to ensure that your battery is between 80. If you charge it too low or at a high level will eventually cause damage to the battery. In fact, reducing the battery\’s capacity to a point of no return and the charging process to 100% won\’t prolong the battery\’s life, it\’s a common misconception. Do not worry about leaving the battery plugged into the outlet when you\’re fully charged. The phone is smart enough to avoid any harm caused to your battery.
Poor battery life is typically the main concern users have regarding their mobile phones. Battery replacements start at $99 and go through Apple and third-party service providers may not provide high-quality repairs.

Keep cool Keep your phone cool: Operating a device when it\’s hot could cause damage to the internals. If your phone is hot to the touch, remove it from your case, set it on the floor, and allow it to cool for a while. Although heat isn\’t great for your phone it\’s also not good for cold weather. An unexpected cold could make your I phone\’s battery to go out. Apple advises that the iOS phone should be running between zero and 35oC. Make sure your iPhone is in this temperature range to prolong the life that your battery will last.

Cleansing Monthly

Clean the outside: First, turn your iPhone off. Utilize a soft, lint-free fabric to remove fingerprints and dirt. It\’s acceptable to use a damp cloth, but avoid using Aerosols or solvents or Abrasives. Be sure to avoid getting moisture in any of the cracks and don\’t spray cleaners directly onto the phone.

inside the case If you have cases, dirt may pass through it and the iPhone which could result in damage to your outside. A small amount of dirt can scratch away a portion of the case\’s exterior over time, which can damage your phone\’s interior from within the case.
Although your phone may be in good working order, its cosmetic condition can have a huge influence on its worth. At wise telecom, an unclean phone will fetch you $100 more than one with numerous physical flaws.

Clear the ports Use a gentle apply a toothpick or canned air to stop the accumulation of dust in the headphone jack as well as charging ports. As time passes, the buildup of dirt within these ports can lead to problems with audio and charging. Making sure you clean them on a regular basis will protect you from further issues. Be careful not to use any tools made of metal as they can damage port connections.
Many customers bring their phones to the store for repair and complain that their battery isn\’t charged or the sound doesn\’t come through their headphones. Repair shops, e.g. iRepair may cost up to $80 for solving these issues however it\’s a matter of cleaning up to eliminate the issue.

Monthly Tips on Data Management

Get rid of space Make sure you keep approximately 10% of memory and storage space cleaned off your smartphone. Similar to your PC, certain apps require space in order to function most efficiently. iOS is able to automatically clear memory whenever your device is less than 1GB of available storage. The phone could become slow and slow prior to this happening.

Storage that is clean Check your storage and delete all unopened applications, clear out the photos you\’ve deleted or transfer some files to Dropbox, iCloud Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Clear memory Hold on to the power key until \”Slide to Power Off\” appears. Instead of tapping to clear the memory, press and hold your Home button. After a short time, you\’ll get back to the Home screen, and your memory will be erased.
It is possible to determine how the amount of space you\’ve left by using the following settings: General > Storage and iCloud Usage > Manage Space. You can view what size each app is. Clicking on an app will reveal the \”Documents & Data\” associated with the app.

iPhone Troubleshooting

Reboot frequently It is important to remember that your iPhone is a complicated piece of hardware that is a fully operating system. Similar to a computer system that is why it needs regular reboots to restore any glitches or frozen applications. To completely restart your phone, press the sleep and home buttons till it appears that the Apple logo is displayed. It should be apparent that your phone performs better after the reboot.

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